Instruction For Authors

Submission information

Manuscripts should be submitted via the online website(http:// The manuscripts of papers and documents related to editing shall be provided to the Editor-in- Chief or Managing Editor: Central Area Crop Breeding Research Division, NICS, 126 Suinro, Gwonseongu, Suwon, Gyeonggido 16429, Republic of Korea (Tel : +82-31-695-4005, Fax : +82-31-695-4011, E-mail : The publication fee is KRW 40,000 (acknowledgment paper: 50,000) per printed page. Copies, actual expenses shall be borne by the writer. Author check list and Copyright transfer can be found during the submission process via homepage.

Type of manuscript

Manuscripts include original articles, notes and reviews. The manuscripts submitted for publication must contain no materials that violate any copy right or other personal right of any person or entity.

Peer Review

All the submissions undergo initial review by editors followed by peer review by three specialized persons. Reviewers are required to 1) keep the submission confidential 2) not to copy the information contained in the manuscript without permission of editor in-chief. 3) Reviewers names are not disclosed to authors as well as to other reviewers.

Contributing regulations for papers

1. Only the members of this society are eligible to contribute papers to this journal, and when it is a collaborated writing, the main writer must be a member of this society. However, other manuscripts will be assessed by the editing committee in accordance with the recommendations of the permanent board of directors.
2. This journal is comprised of the research result with the basis of establishment objective of this society (clause 2 of regulations), and it is edited with the text of original writing, outline and attachment.
3. This journal is published quarterly, and the publishing dates are March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.
4. Manuscripts shall not exceed 12 pages in total including the chart after the print.
5. If an original color edition is used, related expenses shall be borne by the writer. However, when the paper is contributed, whether to use original color shall be notified in writing to the editing committee.
6. All items on final adoption, publication sequence, and system of paper are determined by the editing committee, and contributed papers are published after "paper examination regulations” of this examination in accordance with the society.
7. Manuscripts of papers shall be prepared in Korean or English in principle, but they can be prepared in another language.
8. Revisions by writers shall be limited to once only, and the revisions shall be limited to misprints only, and alterations or additions will not be accepted. However, if alterations or additions are unavoidable, it shall be approved by the editing committee, and the writer shall be compensated for actual expenses for the approved manuscript.
9. For published papers, corresponding authors will be charged for reprint on demand.
10. The manuscripts of papers and documents related to editing shall be provided to the editing committee, and the received date of the manuscript shall be the date of acceptance, and the contributor shall immediately receive a written notification or telephone communication confirming receipt of the submission.
11. In consideration of the acceptance of paper(s) for publication in "The Journal of the Korean Society of International Agriculture." the author(s) transfer to the Korean Society of International Agriculture any and all right, title, and interest, including copyright and digital copyright, subsumed in and to the papers.

Examining regulation for papers

1. Examination of all contributed items to be published in this journal (to be referred to as “paper” hereinafter) shall be in accordance with this regulation.
2. The role of the paper examination committee members shall be taken by the editing committee and the editing committee shall govern all items regarding examination of papers, determination of whether to publish or not, editing, etc.
3. The examining procedure of contributed papers is as follows:

1) The examiners of contributed papers shall be selected from editing committee members, but when there is no qualified examiner of a corresponding paper among editing committee members, an outside person shall be invited and requested to examine papers.
2) Contributed papers shall be examined by more than two specialized persons of the corresponding field, and the list of examiners shall be kept entirely confidential, and the examination result shall not be disclosed except to the writer.
3) The examinations results of contributed papers shall be decided as “can be published,” “can be published after revision,” “re-examination after revision,” and “cannot be published.”
4) When a contributed paper is assessed as “re-examination after revision” by examiners, the paper shall be revised by the writer in accordance with the specific description of items to be amended or complemented before the revised version is to be re-examined by corresponding examiners.
5) For a paper that is assessed as “cannot be published” by examiners, the reason shall be specifically clarified, and when decisions of examiners differ from each other, such as “can be published,” “cannot be published,” and so forth, an examination shall be requested by the 3rd examiner by referring to the examination result and it shall be processed in accordance with the judgment. If the judgment whether to publish it or not cannot be decided by the 3rd examiner, such cases shall be examined by the editing committee for a final decision.
6) For the paper contributed to this society, its systematic frame and qualification state of its contents, and so forth will be thoroughly examined and only the paper which has passed the examination process will be published.
7) The examiner shall examine the requested manuscript, and shall send the examination opinion to the editing director together with the manuscript, and when a fixed amount of examination fee is received, the receipt shall always be acknowledged.

4. For examination criteria of contributed papers, research reports shall be examined by giving priority to originality, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, verifiability, simplicity, and so forth, and outline paper, data thesis, et cetera shall be examined in accordance with each of their characteristics.
5. Items which have not separately been specified by this regulation shall be processed by deciding through discussion by the editing committee.

Manuscript preparing regulations

1. Standard and sequence

1) The manuscript shall be prepared in Korean (mixed with Chinese) or English on A4 paper (21 × 30 cm), and the program used shall be higher than Hangeul 3.0 or MS Word, and blank spaces shall be 2.5 cm for top and bottom, and right and left, and character form shall be Shinmyeongjo, and row space shall be 200%, and character size shall be 12 point as the standard. When contributing the paper, the original file and one copy of the printed manuscript shall be submitted.
2) For the manuscript, the title of the paper and the name of the writer shall be inscribed on the top portion of the first page, and for a paper submitted in Korean, the Korean shall be placed above, and for the paper in English, the English shall be placed above, while the name of the agency to which the writer belongs (including address) shall be inscribed below the name of the writer. The email address and telephone number of the corresponding author shall be inscribed after drawing a line at the bottom of the first page. When the agencies of collaborating authors are different to each other, these shall separately be inscribed with *,** marks at the right side of the name of corresponding authors, and the name of the author shall be inscribed in full, and the family name shall be inscribed at the rear.
3) The contents of the manuscript shall be in the sequence of abstract, introduction, material and method, result (or result and consideration), consideration, outline, cited references, and so forth, and the abstract shall not exceed 300 words, and the outline shall be in Korean, for Korean as well as English manuscript.
4) At the bottom of the abstract, less than 10 key words representing the paper shall be inscribed.
5) Even for papers on overseas agricultural status and research contents analysis result and others, abstract, introduction, outline (conclusion), and cited references shall be prepared.
6) In the manuscript, the page shall be entered, and when contents of paragraph are to be divided, a sub-title shall be indicated, and inscription shall be conducted in the sequence of 1, A, (1), (A), 1), A)..... in principle.

2. Tables, figures, and photographs

1) The title and description of table, figure, and photograph shall be described in English; however, they shall be concise so that the contents can be grasped without referring to the text.
2) The title of table shall be inscribed at the top, and that of 75 figure and photograph shall be at the bottom.
3) Tables and figures shall clearly be prepared by considering the fact that horizontal length becomes 8.4cm or 17.7cm during the printing, and reduction rate shall be described, and inserting location shall be indicated at the next space of related sentence of the text, and they shall be separately or directly attached.

3. Units and abbreviations

1) The name of a foreigner shall be inscribed in the original language, and the year shall be in A.D., and weights and measures shall be in C.G.S unit.
2) Abbreviation and short designation shall be used after inscribing them with parenthesis at the rear of the complete designation where it appears for the first time in the text. : Plant Genetic Resources (PGR)

4. Outline

1) A simple outline shall be provided with only the essential points of the paper, and the main result shall be prepared with adapted type by attaching numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4 ‥.
2) An outline of an English paper shall be prepared by mixed use of Korean and English.

5. Cited references

1) Cited references shall be inscribed with the limit of cited ones, and they shall be enumerated in the sequence of 가 나다 and alphabet of authors’ name, and the contents shall be in the sequence of the name of author, year of publication, title, name of magazine, volume (number), and number of pages; and for independent volumes, it shall be in the sequence of the name of author, year of publication, name of the book, name of publishing company, publishing department, and number of pages.
2) When more than two times of repetition is generated by the same author, these shall be enumerated in the sequence of published year. When papers under the same author or title are continued, the indication can be abbreviated with _____ after the second one.
3) Pages of independent volumes shall be inscribed as per the following example: Inscribing the volume of book 450p, citing one page only p. 120, and citing several pages pp. 120-130.
4) Papers from the same author and published in the same year shall be indicated with a, b, c next to the published year.
5) Citing reference in the middle of the text shall be inscribed as follows.
① When the number of authors is one person : Cho (1999) or (Cho, 1999)
② When the number of authors is two persons : Park & Lee (1991) or (Park & Lee, 1991) ③ When the number of authors is three persons : Kim et al. (1995) or (Kim et al., 1995)

Regulations of the Korean Society of International Agriculture (KSIA)

Chapter 1 General provisions
Clause 1 (Name) This society is called the Korean Society of International Agriculture (KSIA).
Clause 2 (Objective) The objective of this society is to promote research for agricultural development of the Korean peninsula and international areas, technological exchange and information interchange, and to promote reciprocal friendship among members. Clause 3 (Office) The office of this society is located at the International Technological Cooperation Section, Rural Development Administration (RDA).
Clause 4 (Work) In order to accomplish the objective of clause 2, this society performs the following work:
1. Scientific research for agricultural development of the Korean peninsula and international areas
2. Issuance of society journal and publication of books
3. Holding research announcement meetings, symposiums, and lecture meetings
4. Overall work and information interchange for South- North agricultural exchange and cooperation
5. Domestic and overseas agricultural resources status investigation and technological cooperation work
6. Overall researches and information interchange for domestic and overseas farming settlement
7. Promoting reciprocal friendships among members
8. Other work required for accomplishing the objectives of this society

Chapter 2 Members
Clause 5 (Members) Member of this society are comprised of individual members, institutional members and sponsored members.
(Qualification of members) Qualification of members of this society are as follows:
1. Individual member: This is a person who joins this society because he approves of the objectives of the society and pays a fixed amount of membership fee.
2. Institutional member: This is domestic and overseas agricultural development-related institution or organization which approves of the objectives of the society, and they shall be approved by the permanent board of directors.
3. Sponsored member: This is a person, institution or organization which has performed a great contribution toward accomplishing the objectives of this society, and they shall be approved by the permanent board of directors. However, voting rights are possessed by individual members only.
Clause 6 (Finances) 1. Expenses of this society are covered by membership fees, contributions and other revenue. 2. A fixed amount of membership fee shall be decided by the chairman group meeting and shall be approved by the general meeting. 3. The fiscal year of this society shall be from the next day of the regular general meeting to the opening date of the next regular general meeting of the following year.

Chapter 3 Officers
Clause 7 (Officer) Officers of this society are as follows:
1. One Chairman
2. Several vice-chairman including one administrative vice-chairman
3. Two auditors
4. Several chairpersons of specialized sub-committees including one editing chairperson and one chairperson of the North Korean agricultural research committee
5. One administrative director, one editing director and one administrative secretary
Clause 8 (Election and term of officers) Election and term of officers are as follows:
1. The chairman, vice-chairman and auditor will be elected by the general meeting.
2. The editing chairperson, director, administrative director, editing director, administrative secretary and editing committee member will be entrusted by the chairman.
3. The chairpersons of specialized sub-committees will be designated as vice-chairman and entrusted by the chairman.
4. Term of office will be two years respectively, and each officer can be reelected except the chairman.
5. For the sake of scientific development and consultation for this society, a counselor and an advisory committee member can be arranged. However, the former chairman will be the rightful counselor.
Clause 9 (Duties of officers)
1. The chairman sums up the affairs of society by representing this society and he will be the chairman of each meeting.
2. The vice-chairman assists the chairman from each of the fields of editing, financial negotiation, outside cooperation, and so forth, and when the chairman is not available, the duty will temporarily be executed by him in the sequence of eldership, and he can be the chairperson of the specialized sub-committee.
3. The counselor advises on overall items regarding scientific development of this society.
4. The auditor audits work contents and accounting of this society, and reports the results to the general meeting, and he can participate in each of the meetings.
5. The executive director discusses items regarding overall affairs of this society.
6. The editing chairperson handles items regarding editing and publishing of publications.
7. The administrative director sums up general affairs of this society by assisting the chairman, and the administrative secretary assists the administrative director.

Chapter 4 Committee
Clause 10 (Issuance of journal) An editing committee will be appointed for issuing the journal of this society and publication of other books.
Clause 11 (Constitution of research ethics regulation and investigation committee) Related to research ethics regulations, an investigation committee can be constituted, and committed members will be entrusted by the chairman.

Chapter 5 Meeting

Clause 12 (General meeting) In this society, general meetings (regular and temporary), meetings of the permanent board of directors, the chairman group meeting and various committees will be arranged.
1. A general meeting will be held once a year, and a temporary general meeting will be held as per requirement. From the general meeting, the reporting affairs of the society, the election of officers, drafting of business plans, budget, revision of regulations and other required items will be decided.
2. A permanent board of directors will be convened by the chairman in accordance with requests of constituents, and overall items requested or recommended by the general meeting and chairman group meeting will be discussed and decided.
3. The chairman group meeting will be convened by the chairman as per requirement, and this meeting will be comprised of the chairman, counselor, vice-chairman, auditor, editing chairperson, administrative director, editing director and administrative secretary, and overall items requested from general meeting and permanent board of directors will be discussed and decided.
Clause 13 (Specialized sub-committee) In order to strengthen scientific activity of this society, a North Korean agricultural research committee will be arranged, and other specialized sub-committees can be arranged in accordance with the decision of the general meeting.
Clause 14 (Resolution) Resolution of general meeting, permanent board of directors and chairman group meeting of this society will be decided by majority vote, and when the numbers of votes for approval and objection are the same, decisions will be conducted by the chairman.
Clause 15 Revision of regulations of this society will be proposed by the meeting and it will be discussed by the permanent board of directors and chairman group meeting and will be decided by the general meeting.

[Supplementary provisions]

Clause 1 This regulation will be effective from May 28, 1988.
Clause 2 This revised regulation will be effective from July 13, 2009.
Clause 3 Items not stipulated in this regulation will be in accordance with general practice.
Clause 4 (Interim measures) Overall regulations, basic property and all affairs of society under enforcement by the existing rules of the Korean Society of International Agriculture (KSIA) and North Korean agricultural research committee will be regarded as having been endorsed by these revised articles, and they will be effective from the date when officers of the integrated society are appointed.
Clause 5 Items not stipulated in this regulation will be in accordance with general practice.